My Photo Gallery

I have always enjoyed my art and it is a privilege for me to highlight some of my most exciting  work.

My photo gallery features snapshots of some of my work so take a few moments to browse through the gallery below, just click on the thumbnail picture to see a larger version, from there use the arrows to move between the pictures or return to this page.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Cow Paddic (C)

Grandmas House (C)

Sorento Pier (C)

Young Rapto (C)

Gipsland_1 (C)

Gipsland_2 (C)

Gipsland_3 (C)

Bakers Bike (C)

Grip Point_3 (C)

Hahndorf_1 (C)

Hahndorf_2 (C)

Hahndorf_3 (C)

Hahndorf_4 (C)

Mornington Bay (C)

Parrot in Three (C)

Summer Inferno (C)

Thai Boat (C)

The Esplanade (C)

Tidal River (C)

Tree on a Tilt (C)

Tree reflect in skye (C)

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