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Hi my name is Benny Jensen. Photography has always been a favourite pastime of mine; encapsulating my need to capture beautiful moments in time. What had initially started as a hobby, seemed to blossom into exhibitions in my hometown of, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Having moved to Australia in the late 80's, a brilliant new pallet of light and colour unfolded around me, renewing my love for photography once again.

Software development has not only been my bread and butter, for most of my adult life, but has also been the perfect platform for me to experiment and express myself through surrealism on paper for canvas.

Even though my art comprises predominantly of surrealistic recreations of my photographs; I am happy to take request for more customised creations of your pictures

Click here or on the photo gallery tab to see thumbnails of my work, and then click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture.

I hope you enjoy my work

Benny Jensen

The Surreal Art Turf

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